Nathaniel Brooks


Nathaniel Brooks teaches introductory and advanced design studios in Traditional Architecture and Urbanism at Judson University . In addition to teaching, he specializes in high-quality residential design, maintaining practices in New York City and Chicago. His work encompasses a variety of styles, from rustic vernacular to high classical. He has served on the boards of municipal planning and preservation commissions and architectural, design and community institutions.

Since 2003 Nathaniel has been affiliated with the Studio for A.R.T. and Architecture (formerly Studio for Civil Architecture), based in New York City. The Studio is distinguished by its ability to understand and realize the vision of its clients; its expertise in translating the appeal of the past into the needs of the present and a direction for the future; excellence in design; and the quality of service. The Art Studio creates new works of contemporary art in diverse media, including sculpture, artist’s books and wallpapers, on a commissioned and licensed basis.

Nathaniel also provides high-quality design consulting services for discriminating clients and firms. Recent projects include custom furniture design, custom cabinetry design, the sourcing of fine antiques, facade development, neighborhood improvement visualization and mixed-use development planning and visioning.

Nathaniel is married to artist Kerry Brooks, with whom he frequently collaborates on design projects.


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